Sunday, September 18, 2022

A reply to someone who says

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I Don't Know How Non-Christians Do This



I replied like this

I am a Christian and I think I understand what your saying. For me, I understand them as using "willpower" to control the "sexually addictive behavior" which is only on the surface and their only goal. In secular circles using the 12 Steps, they could make "anyone" a higher power and submit to their way and with enough willpower, it can be done..

Don't let that fool you though. Because quitting porn, masturbation, and whatever other wrong sexual behaviors are not quite the fruit we as Christians are supposed to, with God's help, to quit.

What I mean is..say if I can stop "just" masturbation while "not" believing in Christ and now have a self-centered way to "only" stop the outward appearance (no porn) while the inside of the heart and mind are left dirty....that would only create a person who claims to have "The answer" while rejecting Christ and His Cross and His Gospel, while never really dealing with the heart root of the matter, the lust of the heart, and repentance towards God and faith towards Jesus Christ.

It would only be making a "man-made" religion of 'self-effort' and kind of "look at me" because I was able to do what "you Christians" claim only you can do, which further makes the claims of Satan "more believable" when it's actually delusion and deception.

A Christian can trust in God to forgive our sins based on the fact that Jesus Christ has died on the cross for our sins, was buried and rose again. A Christian is able to call on our Heavenly Father to ask for the Holy Spirit to get filling and help in our desperate time of need. A Christian is able to relate to other sex addicts because he or she was once one and know how painful it was to be stuck in it. A Christian is able to share the good news of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross and know for sure he will be with Christ. A Christian also knows that God is changing him to think of women in absolute purity, because they are created in God's image, and they (women) have their own husbands, who Jesus said "what God has put together, let no man separate" and we can claim "Yes Lord" that is true and believe in God's plan for family, plan for marriage, and we have a standard, a faithful God, who is there, always to help us.

The non-Christian has none of that, but only self-effort and self-willpower to do what he/she thinks is right and here is the sad part, they claim that it was them who did it, while taking the glory due to God, because it is God who helps us sinners, even the unrighteous. Like rain falls on the godly and the ungodly.

It should shame us to teach us only that if they (unbelievers) can do it (not only externals), then we should be able and are able to stop not only the external act but the inward lust, because "with God all things are possible".

If a christian is able to not lust, he can give glory to God and the non-believer does not do that but only can say "I did it" or "my hp (higher power) did it" which is how they understand it.

Jesus offers so much more then only outward cup cleansing but inward cup cleansing. That is really what our focus should be on, because once the inside of the cup is clean, then the outside will be clean also.